Get outdoors and discover adventure

Isn't it fun to get outdoors :-)

To sleep under the stars and kayak down a tree lined river with nothing but the sound of bird song and your paddle slicing through the water.

Or to camp next to a stream after a day's hike, watching moonlight dancing on the silky water.

I believe that being outdoors is great for our souls. That everyone can enjoy and grow through outdoor adventure. Being outdoors creates strong bonds and friendships with those you share those experiences with. 

It doesn’t matter whether the experience, the challenge, is to swim, run or walk further than before, explore somewhere new, or to just camp in the garden with your family.

Being outdoors de-stresses and rests our minds and bodies and is great for our physical and mental well being. 

This blog features different outdoor activities and locations with gear reviews, photography and interviews with extreme explorers and adventurers. It is aimed at inspiring everyone, at any fitness level and experience, to have fun getting outdoors. 

If you want to get outdoors more and discover adventure – this blog is for you….

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