5o stunning environmental photographs

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5o stunning environmental photographs, Earth Photo Photography exhibition at the Royal Geographic Society

Check out Earth Photo 2020. An online international photography exhibition featuring stunning and thought-provoking environmental photographs of our planet.

50 stunning environmental photographs

Photography Exhibition

The 50 shortlisted photographs and four films featured in this exhibition capture a sense of our often awe-inspiring and always dynamic world at a time when human influence and activity is in sharp focus.  The Earth Photo competition is now in its third year and received a record-breaking 2,600 entries in 2020.

The photographs explore subjects as diverse as endangered seals in Antarctica to homeless children in Bangladesh, Chinese tea pickers, seaweed cultivators in Zanzibar and fishermen from Vietnam.

Take a look, there are five categories to visit: 

The Royal Geographical Society and Forestry England

Earth Photo is an international photography competition and exhibition developed jointly by Forestry England and the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers). The project reflects the organisations’ common interest in enabling a better understanding of the world around us through their complementary disciplines of the Environment and Geography.

Who were the judges?

The judging panel was made up of experts from the fields of photography, film, geography and ecology, and was chaired by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Marissa Roth. It included Matthew Arnold, Photographer; Katie Burton, Editor of Geographical Magazine; Tim Flach, Photographer; Vron Harris, Lecturer and artist; Magdalena Herrera, Director of Photography, Geo Magazine France; Simon Norfolk, Photographer; Michael Pritchard, Director, Education and Public affairs, Royal Photographic Society.

An international competition

The shortlisted photographers featured in this environmental photography exhibition come not just from the UK but China, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Vietnam, the United States of America,  each bringing their own unique perspective and previously untold tales.

The overall winners

The overall winner and winners in each category will be announced later in the year.

Physical Exhibitions of this work

The shortlisted images will be exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society in London from 7 December 2020 to 26 February 2021

Royal Geographical Society
(with the Institute of British Geographers),
1 Kensington Gore,
London, SW7 2AR

Also at Forestry England sites between Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021, including Grizedale and Moors Valley.

See previous winners

Learn more about the exhibition and see winning images from previous years.

Earth Photo

5o stunning environmental photographs, Earth Photo Photography exhibition at the Royal Geographic Society
5o stunning environmental photographs, Earth Photo Photography exhibition at the Royal Geographic Society
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