Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint is on a mission to give FREE TREES to schools

School children can plant these trees around the school grounds to enrich their environment.

Trees are awesome

Trees are so beautiful aren’t they. They give us the air we breathe and provide homes and food for both humans and wildlife.  But best of all – they make us feel happy.  So let’s celebrate trees by planting more of them.

Help me to support Carbon Footprint

Why not join me and  sponsor a tree or even a few trees? You can even choose the area in the UK that your tree(s) will be planted in. 

Free trees for schools

The UK Tree Planting project is a scheme run by Carbon Footprint who give FREE TREES to schools.  They also organise corporate tree planting events.

How do schools and the environment benefit?

School children get to have fun outdoors planting young trees while working in groups.  They create woodland habitats which are great for local wildlife while improving the environment for themselves and future generations of school children.  The habitats they create are also enjoyed by the wider community too.   The children increase their appreciation of the natural world around them and learn about the importance of biodiversity and environmental issues.

Who can sponsor a tree?

Anyone can sponsor one or more trees to be planted by school children. That includes both individuals and businesses of course. Primary, secondary and higher education schools receive their free tree packs containing canes and rabbit guard spirals which protect the trees as they grow.   The packs also include instructions and guidance about how to plant and care for the trees.

Who are Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint is a company helping businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint through their Carbon Offsetting Projects.   They tackle climate change by supporting communities across the world helping them to reduce their carbon footprint. One element of their work is the UK Tree Planting Project

What kinds of trees are given to schools?

All the trees are native broadleaf species and are grown in the UK. They include Hawthorn, Sessile Oak, Hazel, Downy Birch, Guelder Rose, Field Maple, Rowan, English Oak, Blackthorn and Wild Cherry.

Have you got a corporate event coming up?

Yay, why not get involved yourself in a tree planting event and have fun outdoors inspiring the next generation?  You’ll be helping to meet your sustainability targets at the same time.  Carbon Footprint can organise the event for you. Check out their corporate tree planting events.

By having a tree planting corporate event;

  • You will be creating wildlife habitats & supporting biodiversity
  • Planting native British trees
  • Enhancing the natural UK landscape
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions

Learn more about:

The UK Tree Planting Project.

Carbon Footprint

Why not sponsor a tree yourself?

Would you like free trees to plant at your school?  If you are a school teacher then follow this link.

Maybe you are studying at school and would like your teachers to get some trees for you to plant – show your teachers this link.

Would you like to join me and sponsor a tree to be planted?

If you would all you need to do is follow this link. Here you will also learn more about the free trees for schools project.

When you sponsor a tree you will receive a PDF certificate from Carbon Footprint acknowledging that you have planted a tree in your chosen location.  The certificate will also verify the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that your tree has offset. This is 1 tCO2e per tree. Yay.

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